The Call to the Priesthood

A Vocation camp for students who have appeared 10th or 12th standard was organized in the Bishop House, Nashik Road, from 15 to 18 April.

Young Boys from the parishes of Shevgaon, Ghodegaon, Harigaon, Rahata, Babhaleshwar and Manmad attended the camp.  A total of 30 boys from these parishes came forward to know about the Priesthood.

Rev. Fr. Nolasco Gomes and Rev. Fr. Vishal Tribhuvan who are the newly appointed as Vocation Promoters for the diocese organized this camp in a friendly and jovial atmosphere.1a  “In the modern world vocations declining and Priesthood is becoming ever more challenging; so how does the young listen to the call of the Lord.” said Fr. Nolasco.

Fr. Ravi Tribhuvan gave a complete picture of the diocese in terms of the geographical and pastoral organization. He said “There are over 110 Priests in our diocese (both Religious and Diocesan) who are engaged in various ministries in the missions of the diocese.  “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few” – Matthew 9:37.  This is evident in our diocese.  We need more priests to look after the religious needs of the faithful”.

Fr. Peter D’Souza provided inputs that helped the young boys to understand the importance of the Church in the life of every baptized person. He explained to the young boys the relevance and 1breverence of a Priest. He also made them aware of the responsibility of every Christian towards the Church and its pastors. The Lord called upon the Apostles to be fishers of men. We too are called to build the society based on His commandments; Love of God and Love of neighbor.

Time spent in prayer is not time wasted. It is the most fruitful time of all. No one would say that prayer is easy, but it is certainly rewarding. We live such busy lives that sometimes we might not 1ceven be aware of what is really going on deep within us. We only become aware when we take the time to calm down and pray. Fr. Kishore Vidhate while giving an input on the theme “Importance of Prayer Life” guided the young boys to devote a particular time for daily prayers.


Bishop Lourdes Daniel took out some time and spent with the youn1dg boys.  The Bishop was pleased to see the enthusiasm among these young boys and assured them his pastoral care and prayers in all their endeavors.