Retreat for Lay Missionaries

IMG_0164Lay missionaries retreat:
28 to 31 March 2014 at Kedgaon, Ahmednagar. A person without the spiritual strength will be of no use in the Church ministry.  So our bishop organized four days retreat for the lay missionaries in a centre called Don Bosco Gramin Vikas Kendra.  The lay missionaries were full time available for this retreat and they were given spiritual food for their growth and formation.

Around 50 lay missionaries participated in this retreat.  They were from many parishes of our diocese. We have seen and experienced that it has helped them in the ministry of the Church.  Many of them are very helpful in the various ministry of the Church.

Our Bishop has installed them to be the ministers in visiting the sick and the old to pray for them and also to give them Holy Communion.  They also participate in various activities conducted by the diocese such as prison ministry visiting the people in the Jail and comforting and consoling them in their sorrows and loneliness. Catechism Children’s education in Sunday School and helping in the various educational activities of the diocese.