On the 6th April 2015, in the morning at 10, Bishop Lourdes Daniel, inaugurated the Vatican International Exhibition on the “Miracles of the Eucharistic Presence” in St. John’s Church, Bhingar Camp, Ahmednagar to a packed crowd who attended an Adoration Service. A Procession then left the church for the venue of the Community Hall where the Miracles exhibition was inaugurated by the cutting of the ribbon. The exhibition ran from 10 in the morning to 8 pm at night. Among the 2000 miracles approved by the Vatican, just twenty three significant ones went on display for the public.

bingar exhibition

Bishop Lourdes while speaking to reporters said, “Eucharist is nothing but the “Living Jesus Christ” for our Christian brothers and sisters. Jesus is really present in the Eucharist who spiritually feeds all the faithful in good and bad times. He is the “Bread of Life” and He stands-by with His faithful in all the days, time, and events. He further said, what is needed today is to have strong faith in Eucharist – that is Jesus is present in the Holy Bread and who is also present with us always. In his concluding message Bishop said, “Living Human life today is very difficult, yet Jesus Christ strengthens us to live HOLY LIFE..!


On all three days between three to five thousand people from all walks of life came in to know and learn and were inspired and convinced of the reality of Jesus present in the form of Bread as real flesh and Wine as real blood. The number of visitors touched more than a thousand each day and everyone was spiritually touched by the mystery of the Eucharist.


The exhibition was a spiritual experience for all who came, saw and cleared their doubts.