Bhajan-Kirtan Mandals

IMG_6744ChrIMG_6744istianity in Ahmednagar district wears a distinct culture; particularly when it comes to community devotion. Individuals come together on their own to form a Mandali (a group) and sing Bhajans (devotional songs) with accompaniment of music created by playing harmonium, Mmridang ( a drum prepared by fixing treated animal skins on the ends of hollow wood), a Kadi ( an iron rod made into triangular shape. A sound is produced by rhythmically banging a piece of iron rod on the triangle) and taal, a pair of cymbals. Such Mandalis are ubiquitous in the district. It is interesting to know that the groups compose their own devotional songs and set them to their own tunes. In view of preserving the valuable cultural tradition, enhancing its growth and development, a directory of Bhajan Mandalis have been prepared so that people can contact the Mandals and invite them to the occasions special with the traditional devotional singing. The directory also helps Parish Priests to know the number of Bhajan Mandals in each parish.  With the support and encouragement of parish priests’ from across the parishes in the district, Bhajan Mandal Melava (gatherings) are held in every parish. There has been a very good response for the Melava. A list of guiding norms for the Mandal has been repapered and published the Shubhvarta issue of March, 2015. In view of holding Bible and catechetical classes for the Mandals and to make the members of the Mandals more responsible, parish Bhajan coordinators have been assigned.

As we request your prayers, we solicit you active support and encouragement for this work.

Fr. Ashok Ohol, SJ